Getting Started

Congratulations on taking the first step toward better health and fitness! Our easy 3-step program provides a solid foundation in CrossFit movements, equipment, and workouts to prepare you for our group classes. 

​Step 1: Free Movement Assessment and Workout

A coach will meet with you and provide a free functional movement assessment to determine:

  • Your level and range of movement for everyday activities (such as bending and squatting)

  • Any muscular limitations or imbalances you may have

You’ll then receive a workout tailored to your fitness level and ability. There’s no obligation to join, and it’s the perfect way to see if CrossFit is right for you.

Sign up here for your free movement assessment and workout. There's no obligation to join!
Step 2: Fundamentals of CrossFit 

If you decide that you’d like to give CrossFit a try (and we hope you do!) we’ll enroll you in our Fundamentals of CrossFit program, which consists of 5 personal training sessions, customized for you based on your functional movement assessment results.


This program will prepare you for the group classes by teaching you the CrossFit movements, how to use the equipment, and how to move safely through the workouts. There is no required athletic level to get started, just the desire to begin your path to better health and fitness.

Step 3: CrossFit Group Classes

After you complete our Fundamentals of CrossFit program, you can choose a membership option and attend any class on our schedule. The workouts will be scaled to your fitness ability, but you’ll know how to do the movements safely and efficiently.

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